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Recipe: Chocolate Orange and Pistachio Biscotti for our new housemate!

It's a been a busy week at cakesmyth HQ. On Wednesday I was back in the lovely Lorraine Kitchen doing a live weenight supper which I always love. I'll have to show you a little of the behind the scenes magic the next time I'm there! Since the weather was so gorgeous yesterday we had our first BBQ of the season and it was GLORIOUS, although being ginger and forgetting sun cream was a bit of an error. I tend to go more lobster than tanned. Yesterday evening was spent doing a little more planning for an exciting road trip. Stay tuned to find out more about that but expect to see some familiar faces over the extended Easter weekend... But today is all about our new housemate that's moving in. I

Recipe: Chocolate Geode Cake as seen at Maker Faire UK 2017

What a weekend! I had a whale of a time at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle, my first time at the event and in the city and I will definitely be back to both! It was inspiring, filled me with enthusiasm and was just amazing fun. As part of the event, I gave 6 demonstrations showing the science behind geodes and also how to make a geode cake at home! Layers of rich chocolate madeira cake sandwiched with sharp morello cherry jam and smothered in vanilla buttercream. As for the geode part, I opted for a cheat quick and easy method with great results that is ready in a matter of hours! You can go the whole hog and grow your own (very impressive) sugar crystals from scratch if you've got 6 months to s


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