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Recipe Hat-Trick #2: Blood Orange Madeleine

Happy Valentine's Day you lovely lot! Staying true to my word, here is your second recipe for the week. Blood oranges are perfectly in season at the moment, a crimson citrus fruit with more tang than a regular orange but not as bitter as its relatives grapefruit or lemon. Although they can be tricky to find in supermarkets, they can usually be found very cheaply at your local fruit market or greengrocer, so get exploring! You could always make these with another citrus and they'd work equally well. I've decided to use them in this beautifully simple french invention: the madeleine. Beautiful little individual sponge cakes baked in a shell mould, best eaten straight out of the oven once the s

Recipe Hat-Trick #1: Fruity Pecan Banana Loaf

Where did January go?? Hard to believe we're so far away from Christmas already but time really has flown by. The start of the year has been full of catch-ups with family and friends. After over a year of waiting, I got to see Hamilton the musical in London with Bake Off Tom - get your hands on tickets if you can as it was sensational. The end of January featured a trip back home to celebrate mum's 60th birthday before she headed off to South Korea. She is currently in Pyeongchang volunteering for 2 months at the Winter Olympics. I'm not at all envious. Not one bit. Nope. Last week was the last chance for a bit of holiday before things get very busy for me. A few days skiing with my dad and


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