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Recipe: Rhubarb & Blood Orange Crumble

I'll keep it short and sweet this month...I'm not even going to talk about my monthly blog target. All I will say is I hope by year end to have averaged out at the right level... SORRY. In the UK we're in peak rhubarb season. I have a bit of a rhubarb problem, not helped by the fact I recently discovered a huge patch of it in my new garden. Hallelujah for the previous owners. Now to put it to work, beautiful ingredients don't need fancy things to happen to become great. I've opted for a crumble, with a generous crumble layer (don't @ me, scrimpy crumble folks) and a bit of blood orange to give a citrus kick. Enjoy! Let me know how you get on, always love seeing your bakes! Andrew x Ingredien


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