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Orange and Almond Cake (Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free)

It's a scorcher this week in the UK so if you're doing any baking you want it to be quick, fresh and zero hassle. This is a super simple recipe I tweaked for a friend who can't eat Gluten, Dairy or Soy, and I absolutely stand by the fact the cake doesn't feel like it's missing anything. The fine cornmeal (polenta) can usually be found in the world foods aisle and helps keep the cake very moist along with the almonds. It's got a slightly coarser structure to a regular sponge but will happily feed 8 as it is a bit denser. Feel free to leave out the thyme if you don't fancy the herby infusion! Enjoy, get involved and let me know how you get on in the usual ways @cakesmyth Andrew x Ingredients


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