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Time to catch a breath

Phew. It's been a busy but incredibly fun few weeks.

The whole bake off experience has been phenomenal and I'm still feeling so grateful to have been a part of it. I've been able to meet people at book signings across the country and it's been great fun hearing how much they enjoyed the show and, most importantly, how it's inspired them to get baking.

Juggling full-time work and the barrage of requests and emails coming in has been tricky, so I'm very grateful that my work have been fantastic in letting me trial a 4-day working week. This gives me one day a week for personal projects and opportunities from bake off. So far, it's going really well... I'm only 2 weeks in but already I'm feeling more relaxed and on top of things. This website is the result of my extra free day!

First live demo done and dusted.

Last weekend was especially exciting as it was my first live demo, along with a few familiar bake off faces past and present. The event was the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester, a massive exhibition of all things baking related with demos and masterclasses galore. I was fairly nervous about the whole thing - baking live in front of hundreds of people is a different kettle of fish to the bake-off tent.

Opening the Sunday show

After the ribbon-cutting, I was fortunate enough to start the day sharing the main stage with the lovely Luis Troyano from the class of 2014. The audience was rather larger than what I was expecting but we had a great laugh on stage. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to show me the ropes of baking on stage!

After my own demo doing a twist on my gran's chocolate cake (recipe to follow soon) with the lovely Frances Quinn, Jane and I were asked to fill a half hour surprise slot at the end of the day. Safe to say we winged it but got a real buzz off the crowd. Maybe it's my background in singing and musical theatre which enjoyed the showman element, who knows. Jane was a total natural and kept me right, her leopard print apron was the envy of the crowd.

The next few weeks

I'm very keen to get a few more live demos under my belt as they're fantastic fun and keep challenging me to develop new recipes. I've got some other exciting things in the pipeline which I'm working on but it's early days!

I'm loving every opportunity that comes my way at the moment and am very very thankful. Thanks for the support and stay tuned!

P.S. I'm not the world's greatest writer so will endeavour to keep these as concise and non-rambling as possible ;)